Trial access for Typeset activated

  :  08 Oct 2018

Dear All,


Greetings from the library!

We are happy to announce Typeset's pilot program with IIM Visakhapatnam. For the next 30 days, faculties at IIM Visakhapatnam have free access to Typeset.


About Typeset:

Typeset helps you write research papers faster and better. 

With Typeset you can:

  • Auto-format with 100% compliance to any journal's guidelines in seconds
  • Choose from over 45,000+ verified Scopus indexed journal formats like Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, etc.
  • Integrated plagiarism check for your research
  • Integrated spelling and grammar check
  • Cite and order in one-click with any citation style
  • Collaborate seamlessly with any number of peers
  • Export to MS-Word, LaTeX or PDF.


How to use Typeset:

- Signup for your free account at with your institutional email IDs. (Desktop Only)

- Here is a 5-minute-video on how to use Typeset.