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District Metrics

Purpose of the guide

Purpose of this guide is to assist in use of District Metrics

District Metrics

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Important Links

How to register

Register with IIMV email ID at here

Registration process:

  1. please select login, under login select self registration and provide the details like name, mobile number, email ID (IIMV email ID) etc
  2. Create and confirm password of your own choice and click on Register
  3. You will receive email with access credentials

Remote Access to subscribed resources

Remote access to the subscribed databases is provided through Proxy IP RemoteXs software.

Log in with your IIMV email ID at eLibrary Portal.

Please note that the credentials for the eLibrary portal are different from your IIMV Office 365 account. We do not recommend to use the same credentials for third party applications subscribed by the library. 

For technical assistance contact: library [at] iimv [dot] ac [dot] in

Connect via VPN to institute network to access subscribed databases.

For installation of VPN in your laptop / desktop, kindly contact: itsupport [at] iimv [dot] ac [dot] in