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Purpose of the guide

Purpose of this guide is to assist in use of new Capitaline AWS database

About Capitaline AWS


Capitaline is an online database giving financial and other information on over 35,000 companies, which includes listed as well as unlisted companies. Capitaline provides extensive and accurate data on companies which run into over 2500 data fields. In capitaline Financials are presented in the revised and latest formats as per the companies’ disclosures along with the standard Capitaline format for historical data comparison.

Capitaline has main 5 different modules:
a) Company – To view company level information like; annual financials, interim results, corporate announcements, Share price data etc.
b) Industry – To view industry aggregate data like; annual financials, interim results also news and sector report or trend.
c) House – To view business house or group level information like; annual financials, interim results and news.
d) Peerset – Peerset is nothing but your own list of companies or portfolio which you want to track by analysing financial performance and price performance.
e) Screener or Query module – The powerful screener module helps to search companies based on different parameters.

Key Highlights:

Financials: companies ‘annual reports are historically (10-15 years) covered. Presenting the financial data in nine formats: Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Software, Shipping, Hotel, Power, Media & Realty. A Balance Sheet or P&L can be read at different depths as per the latest revised disclosures.

Interim results: (reported, segment wise, consolidated) with footnotes, also current year unaudited / audited figures with comparative changes over previous year’s figures. Also important ratios like OPM, NPM and EPS based on the interim /full year results.

Share Price data: Daily, weekly as well as monthly prices (open ,high, low and close) with historical PE & other valuation ratios, market capitalization , number of trades, volume and net turnover, averages, beta analysis and comparable chart for both BSE & NSE.

Corporate Actions & Other News: All corporate announcements, bulletin, notices sent by the company to the stock exchanges. It covers AGM, Board Meeting, Bonus, Right issues, stock splits etc. also news captions from business dailies on daily basis are covered.

Equity Details: This section tracks the change in capital structure of a company (Equity History, Bonus History etc.) along with Share Holding Pattern & holder names & % holdings and MF holdings.

Technical & Statistical tools: Capitaline has many useful tools for the purpose of technical analysis of a stock. Also a strong statistical tool with all required functions is available in the query module.

Industry / Sector: Industry Report on important Sectors with sector trends updated on regular basis. Industry wise comparable aggregate data. Industry Scoreboard with Full Year/quarterly financials & share price data, industry P/E ratios.

Screener (screener module): Screener is a powerful query module that helps user to filter the companies based on certain criteria. It facilitates search on the basis of financials, non-financial and other general information.

Peer-set: User can create own peer-set which contains user own set of companies. Also get the aggregate and comparative financials for the respective peer companies.

Currency Converter: User can view financials changing the currency and units.


How to register

Register with IIMV email ID at here

Registration process:

  1. If you are student, select student, if faculty select faculty and provide the details like name, mobile number, email ID (IIMV email ID) etc.
  2. If you are student, Login Name will automatically take it as your Student ID
  3. If you are faculty, you can give your own login name.
  4. Create and confirm password of your own choice (Which should be at least 8 digits which contain 1 Capital Letter, 1 Small letter, 1 numeric and 1 Special character) and click on Register
  5. After clicking on register, you will get message “ OTP has been sent to your registered E-mail id, kindly enter below”.
  6. Click on ok , and in “ enter OTP” Column enter the OTP received from  on your registered mail ID and click on Register
  7. After entering OTP and click on register you will get message “ User Registered Successfully”

Retrieve login information:

If you forgot the login name or password which you have created, then under “Registered User Sign in” enter your login name, or Registered Mobile number or Registered Email ID” and click on Forgot password option. You will receive your Login name and password on your registered email ID.

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