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Library Rules

General rules


  1. Students should carry their ID cards to use the library, and must produce it when required to do so by the library staff.
  2. Students are requested to make entry into visitor’s record register.
  3. Students must keep the bags and folders on the luggage racks after entering the library.
  4. Please maintain silence in the library.
  5. The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited. Phones should be either switched off or set to silent mode.
  6. Consumption of food is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students are requested to use the library material and furniture very carefully without causing damage and disturbance other users.

Circulation rules

  1. The holder of the ID card is responsible for the books borrowed on it.
  2. Book will be issued on the submission of the ID card by the concerned student only.
  3. The Book issue-return time will be as per the library timings.
  4. Students should check the books while receiving them from the library.
  5. Students should not sub-lend the books borrowed from the library.
  6. Newspapers, Journal, and Magazines on display are meant for reference purpose only.
  7. Project Reports are not allowed to be taken outside the Library.
  8. One time renewal of books is allowed by email. For subsequent renewal, books are to be presented physically, request for renewal will be considered if there is no reservation for that book.
  9. The library will usually send reminders to students for the book due, but non-receipt of reminders is no reason for returning books late.
  10. Writing or marking in library books is strictly prohibited.
  11. In case, a book is damaged by the student, the cost of the book will be recovered at the current market price to replace the book.
  12. In case students lose the book/s issued to them they should report it immediately in writing to the library staff to avoid accumulation of fine. They will be allowed a grace period of one week to confirm the loss in writing, to initiate the process of recovering the cost of the book/s. On expiry of grace period, if the student does not return the book, the cost of the book will be recovered at the current market price to replace the book. The library service will also stand terminated until they settle their arrears – whether for the loss or fine.
  13. If a book belonging to a set is lost, the borrower will be charged for replacing the entire set.

Remote access to e-resources

Licensing Restrictions (Terms of Use)

Access to the electronic resources listed on the IIMV Library website is restricted to members of the IIMV community for the purposes of research, teaching, and private study.

  1. Under IIMV Library's license agreements for electronic resources, users may not:

    • Share ‘User ID and Password’ with others.

    • Download cover- to – cover full text of entire journal issue.

    • Systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information such as entire journal issues or e-books

    • Use the licensed materials for commercial purposes

    • Re-distribute content to people other than IIMV Faculty, staff and students.

    • Share data with people other than IIMV Faculty, staff and students.

    • Post actual content or articles to web sites listservs.

    • Modify or create a derivative work of the licensed materials without the permission of the licensor

    • Allow anyone other than an authorized user to use the licensed materials

    • Remove, obscure or modify any copyright or other proprietary notices included in the licensed materials


Any violation of library rules and any misconduct such as theft of books, journals, or periodicals; damage of library material; hiding library material to prevent access by other students; and failure to return library material on time will be viewed seriously. The student has to pay penalties and/or fines as deemed appropriate by the institute.