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Purpose of this guide

Purpose of this guide is to assist in use of Grammarly@EDU software

About Grammarly@EDU


  • is an automated grammar tutor and revision support tool
  • allows you to upload drafts of your writing assignments to receive immediate instructional feedback on over 250 points of grammar
  • highlights errors in your writing
  • explains how to correct errors
  • checks your citations
  • checks for plagiarism

Access: Campus wide multiuser.

How to Register for Grammarly@EDU

Your Grammarly premium account will be activated by library team. Click on the email received from Grammarly and set your password

Blue 'EDU' tag at dashboard represents premium subscription.

Grammarly Video Tutorial

Important Links

You can download the latest version of Grammarly for Microsoft Office at and follow the instructions on that page to install it.  

Browser Extensions:

Grammarly offers a browser extension for the following browsers: 

  • Chrome (version 51 and newer)
  • Safari (version 12 and newer) 
  • Firefox (version 54 and newer) 
  • Microsoft Edge (version 88 and newer)

Get more help

For account issues, please contact: Library Services

Here are some online guides:

Grammarly Support