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Remote access facility

Remote Access to subscribed resources

Remote access to the subscribed databases is provided through Proxy IP RemoteXs software.

Log in with your IIMV email ID at eLibrary Portal.

Please note that the credentials for the eLibrary portal are different from your IIMV Office 365 account. We do not recommend to use the same credentials for third party applications subscribed by the library. 

For technical assistance contact: library [at] iimv [dot] ac [dot] in

Connect via VPN to institute network to access subscribed databases.

For installation of VPN in your laptop / desktop, kindly contact: itsupport [at] iimv [dot] ac [dot] in

Terms of use of Remote access

Licensing Restrictions (Terms of Use)

Access to the electronic resources listed on the IIMV Library website is restricted to members of the IIMV community for the purposes of research, teaching, and private study.

  1. Under IIMV Library's license agreements for electronic resources, users may not:

    • Share ‘User ID and Password’ with others.

    • Download cover- to – cover full text of entire journal issue.

    • Systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information such as entire journal issues or e-books

    • Use the licensed materials for commercial purposes

    • Re-distribute content to people other than IIMV Faculty, staff and students.

    • Share data with people other than IIMV Faculty, staff and students.

    • Post actual content or articles to web sites listservs.

    • Modify or create a derivative work of the licensed materials without the permission of the licensor

    • Allow anyone other than an authorized user to use the licensed materials

    • Remove, obscure or modify any copyright or other proprietary notices included in the licensed materials