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Faculty Publications: 2019


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Basu, P., Ghosh, S. & Kumar, M. Supplier ratings and dynamic sourcing strategies to mitigate supply disruption risks. Decision 46, 41–57 (2019).

Shankar, A., & Kumari, P. (2019). A study of factors affecting mobile governance (mGov) adoption intention in india using an extension of the technology acceptance model (TAM). South Asian Journal of Management, 26(4), 71-94.

Case studies

Dutta, D. & Majumdar, B. (2019). Integrated Analytics for Talent Management? Ivey Publishing.
Das, J., Jain, S., Basu, S., & Majumdar, B. (2019). Organic Wellness – Influencing People’s Choice via Cause Marketing. Ivey Publishing